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テンプル大学日本キャンパス9月入学 おめでとう



IELTS 対策を始めました。








テンプル大学 メルク英語教室 松本市
テンプル大学 合格

I am incredibly proud of my student, who graduated from high school this March. She began her intense IELTS preparation in February, aiming for a September enrollment.

Reflecting on her journey, it’s truly remarkable how she managed to meet the September deadline with such dedication.

Even though it’s the Japan campus of Temple University, the required English proficiency is the same. Both the teachers and classmates there might be all proficient in English.

I encouraged her to attend a local national university as a non-credit student for a semester. This allowed her to experience university lectures conducted entirely in English, helping her stay motivated and focused.

Despite the rigorous schedule, she studied English for at least six hours daily at home, all while working part-time. Her dedication is truly commendable.

As she moves forward, the challenges will undoubtedly increase. I hope she continues to strive towards her dreams with the same determination.

Congratulations and keep pushing forward!


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