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1. 단어와 표현

아래 단어와 표현을 한국어로 번역하고, 빈칸에 알맞은 단어를 채워 넣으세요.

1. 여행 (Travel) 旅行

2. 배낭여행 (Backpacking trip) バックパッキング旅行

3. 종단여행 (Vertical trip) 縦断旅行

4. 횡단여행 (Horizontal trip) 横断旅行

5. 무전여행 (Travel without money) 無銭旅行

6. 크루즈여행 (Cruise trip) クルーズ旅行

7. 계획 (Plan) 計画

8. 관광 (Sightseeing) 観光

9. 숙소 (Accommodation) 宿泊施設             

10. 게스트하우스 (Guesthouse) ゲストハウス

11. 음식 (Food) 食べ物


 2. 문장 완성하기:아래 문장을 완성해 보세요.

1. 저는 __________을/를 좋아해요.

   私は旅行が好きです。  (I like to travel.) 

2. 저는 ________________ 여행을 좋아해요.

                              私は一人で行く旅行が好きです。(I like traveling alone.) 


3. __________________ 있어요.

   絶対に行きたい場所があります。(There is a place I really want to visit.) 

4. ___________________ 여행지는 어디예요?

   一番良かった旅先はどこですか?  (Where was the best place you traveled to?) 



5. ___________________ 여행지는 어디예요?   もう一度行きたくない旅先はどこですか。   (Where is the place you don't want to visit again?) 

6. 여행지에서 _____________있나요?


 (Have you ever received help at a travel destination?) 

 7. ______과 ___________ 중 무엇을 더 선호해요?   国内旅行と海外旅行どちらをもっと好みますか?

(Do you prefer traveling abroad or domestically?) 

8. 배낭여행을 ________________?

バックパッキング旅行をしたことがありますか? (Have you ever been on a backpacking trip?) 

9. _______________에는 뭐가 있을까요? 


(What kinds of special travels are there?)




3. 질문과 답변

다음 질문에 대한 답을 한국어로 적어 보세요.


1. 여행갈 때 꼭 가지고 가는 것이 있어요?

    답: _____________________________________________________


2. 크루즈여행을 해봤어요?

    답: ____________________________________________________



3. 여행을 가기 전에 계획을 짜는 편이에요?



4. 게스트하우스에서 지내는 것을 어떻게 생각해요? 

 답: ________________________________________________________


5. 음식, 관광, 숙소 중에서 무엇을 가장 중요하게 생각해요?

    답: _________________________________________________________


6. 한국에서 꼭 가고 싶은 여행지는 어디예요?

    답: _________________________________________________________


7. 한국 친구가 여러분의 나라에 놀러 오면 어디에 데리고 가고 싶어요?

    답: _________________________________________________________




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